Where books go to die…

The dream of every book-lover is a bookcase (several bookcases?  A library??) filled with well-loved, well-thumbed books.  However, not every one has the space to keep every book they’ve read!

I used to keep all my books.  There was a time I had the whole Discworld series, all the Ian Rankin series, the Harry Potter books and a variety of others I’d read and thought I might go back and read again.  A bookcase of memories, old friends, and a lovely thing to look at.  But moving house several times over a short space of time meant that the books just had to go, I was NEVER going to read them again and I was short on space.

I ran a twitter poll last week as I was curious to see what other book-bloggers did with their precious books.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the vast majority of people keep all their books – you lot must have a lot more space than me!  I’d love nothing more than to keep them all but space, the clutter, the DUST!  No.  I get rid of mine on a monthly basis… spread the love 🙂

Generally, all my paperbacks and hardbacks will either go to my Mum, if I think she’ll enjoy them, or they go to charity.  I’ll either drop them at the local Oxfam or they’ll go into the book-bins that you can find in most supermarket car parks.  The only books I’ll keep are graphic books like the ones pictured… or my very favourite books… dog-eared copy of  Good Omens anyone??

Things have changed for readers now, with the introduction of e-readers and audio books there are more options which don’t take up quite as much space.  Although, having said that, even when I’ve finished a book on my Kindle it comes off the reader and back into the cloud… I like things to be tidy… and it stops me starting a book I’ve already read again!

What do you do with your books?  Are you a hoarder?  A lender?  A library member?  Let me know!

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