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Want to Play? – P.J. Tracy

Hide and Seek and Kill

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“Winter is coming to Minneapolis – and a killer is finding victims. As the body count rises games-creator Grace MacBride looks on in horror. The murders are straight out of Serial Killer Detective, the game she’s behind – a game with hundreds of players. Grace knows that telling the police will make her a suspect – but she’s even more sure that not telling them will make her a victim. For the copycat killings and the killer are getting steadily closer. It’s time to play, or die…”

This is the first in the ‘Monkeewrench’ series of books by P.J. Tracy – Want to Play? was actually released under the title ‘Monkeewrench’ in the US.

Monkeewrench is a computer games development company run by 5 friends who have been together since college. Lead by the reclusive and security conscious Grace MacBride, MonkeeWrench are developing “Serial Killer Detective” a mystery game which has been released to only a few hundred gamers.

This book is pretty gruesome in parts! The murders are carbon copies of those in the game and the police are faced with a race against time to stop the next in the sequence. The story begins with a double murder of an elderly couple in a church, which up until about half way through the book seems like a completely different storyline and unconnected. The connection when it comes is brilliant.

As this is the first in a series there’s a lot of character building for the 5 MonkeeWrench characters, and I think you would have to read this one before tackling any of the others in the series to fully understand the group dynamics and the reason they’re together.

I enjoyed this one. It was gripping and very well written but being the first in the series there was a lot to take in. I fully intend to read the series at some point in the near future!

I gave this one 3 stars on Goodreads ***

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