February 28, 2021

Twisted – Steve Cavanagh


I wasn’t going to review this one. For a couple of reasons:

  1. It was another ARC that I didn’t read before release
  2. I only gave this one 3 stars (unusual for me)
  3. I had a few problems with this novel
  4. I don’t like doing slightly negative reviews

However, having thought about it for a few days I’ve decided to go ahead. We can’t enjoy every book we read after all… I’ll keep it short, ish.

Steve Cavanagh had HUGE success with his last thriller Thirteen, a book I loved and have raved about to anyone who’ll listen. So, I was keen to read his latest, Twisted.

As the name suggests it’s a book with a twist… or two… or three… or too many.

The story is about J. T. LeBeau, an anonymous hit novelist. J. T. LeBeau is a pen name and nobody, not even the publisher, knows who he is. Nobody knows he’s really a serial killer who uses his kills as the plots for his novels.

But someone has found out… his wife.

Upon finding a bank statement with $20 million in a hidden bank account, Maria embarks on a plot to kill her husband and claim the money for herself. Is he really J. T. LeBeau though? Or is it her lover? (Yes, yes it is).

As a result of a twist, Maria ends up wrapped in plastic sheeting and left for dead. Her husband has already gone on the run as he thinks he’s been outed as J. T. LeBeau and her lover has gone into hiding because he’s just killed Maria. Or has he? (No, no he has not).

I’ll not go through the whole story and every twist and turn but I counted at least 4 twists.

It’s a really cleverly plotted story and it’d be a good disposable holiday read. I personally found it a bit too “try hard”. There’s been such a glut of psychological thrillers recently that they’re all merging into one. Authors are trying to out-twist one another. Twisted takes the biscuit.

The more I’ve thought about it since finishing, the more annoyed I’ve become. Even the last LINE is a twist. A book should leave you satisfied at the end: you’ve finished a great story after all. I just felt irritated.

Maybe that’s what Cavanagh was getting at when he wrote this novel – there’s too many books nowadays with a twist just for the sake of it.

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Twisted was published 24th January 2019 by Orion.

2 thoughts on “Twisted – Steve Cavanagh

  1. I think there are so many very good psychological thrillers out there at the moment that if you get something that’s trying too hard then it’s going to stand out for the wrong reasons. I haven’t read Thirteen yet but it’s on my list! Great review as always Jo! <3

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