April 16, 2021

Th1rt3en – Steve Cavanagh

Publisher: Orion Books
Published:  2018
ISBN: 9781409170679

A ruthless prosecutor,

A brilliant defence lawyer,

A defendant with a secret,

And a serial killer on the jury…

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Joshua Kane is the man who feels no pain (I’m a poet and I don’t even know it). Graduating from killing animals in his spare time as a child to being a master of disguise in adulthood, Kane is a serial killer like no other. With an uncanny ability to impersonate anyone and a grudge against the American Dream, Kane has been waging his own one-man-battle against the American judicial system.

Eddie Flynn is the hot-shot lawyer of the moment. A reformed con-man, Eddie works as a defence lawyer helping those accused of crimes fight their case. Hired by Hollywood actor Bobby Solomon when he is accused of brutally murdering his wife and his head of security, Eddie becomes drawn into a case more peculiar than any other court room thriller I have even read before.

This book most definitely falls into my category of “how on earth did they dream this story up?!”. It’s pretty full on and there’s lots of characters and even more twists and turns. That said, this is an absolutely brilliant story. Once you get into it (it took me a few chapters) it hooks you and you have to keep reading just to satisfy your curiosity for what bizarre turn the story will take next.

I had never read any of Steve Cavanagh’s novels before but I’ll definitely be reading this series!

If you like Michael Connolly’s Lincoln Lawyer/ Mickey Haller books then you will LOVE this!

Highly recommended – 5 stars.



Jo xx

2 thoughts on “Th1rt3en – Steve Cavanagh

  1. This sounds like a great read with some awesome twisty bits. I mean a serial killer on the jury, I definitely would mind giving this a read.

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