The Power of Friendship

Everyone needs friends.

Some people have lots of them. A huge social circle of people they can call on for coffee dates, cinema trips and nights on the town.

Some only have a few. A handful of friends that really know them. That they feel comfortable being themselves with who they can sit in companionable silence with.

Friends will pick you up when you’re feeling down. Friends will be there for all the good times and the bad. Friends are the Family you choose for yourself.

Friendships are important for everyone. Whether they live next door or on the other side of the country, everyone needs a person they can call a friend.

I personally keep my circle small. I have 4 close friends that I know I could call on at anytime and they’d be there. I hope they’d feel the same and know I’d be there for them.

Throughout life everyone will have friends that come and go. There will always be those who stand the test of time. These friends are rare and I am so lucky to have 4 of them.

Some of these friends I’ve known for all of my adult life and the others only a few years. Each of these people have been there for me in one way or another and know the ‘Real Jo’.


Lesley is my best friend. My wee weegie. We’ve known each other since 2000 when we started University – our rooms in the halls of residence were opposite each other. We’ve been through university, jobs, boyfriends, marriage, divorce and various other shenanigans together.

One of my favourite memories is when we had to pretend to be lesbians one Hogmanay to get away from the amorous advances of a group of guys. Another is the day Lesley, her Mum and I went to choose her wedding dress… annoyingly she looked gorgeous in them all!

She’s been there for me for nearly 20 years. You can’t friendship like the one Lesley gives me. My sister from another mister.


Stuart or Stupot as he is known to Lesley and I, is my other best friend. Stuart started the same university a year after Lesley and me. Living in halls on the same floor meant that we become friends pretty quickly.

A shared love of all things Billy Connolly, Eddie Izzard, Star Wars and now Game of Thrones cemented this friendship. Hours and hours of time spent watching comedy, learning lines and quoting them back at each other might seem like a strange friendship but there you go!


Helen tried to steal my job. That’s how we became friends. Okay… not really. She covered my role while I went on secondment to another company and we became firm friends when I came back.

We’ve kept in touch even after me moving to Aberdeen and her subsequent departure to go travelling around India.

We are ladies who lunch. Ladies who drink coffee, eat cake, rummage around charity shops and put the world to rights! T&T Helen, T&T. Come home soon please.


My Aberdeen friend. The first person to speak to me when I started at the same company as her. She is the originator of ‘doing a Jo’ – when I blow everything out of all proportion and get in a panic over things that just aren’t important – doing a Jo.

Coral-ann isn’t someone I have known for very long… 4 years maybe? But she has become one of my closest friends and I wouldn’t be without her now.

A more generous, outgoing and just gorgeous friend you couldn’t hope for.


So, those are my closest friends. And as the theme-tune says “I’ll be there for you cause you’re there for me too”.


  • Ruth Skelley (The Rolling Twenties)

    This is such a great blog post, but also really sweet. You are a great writer! I love how close your circle of friends is. It’s amazing that you have that. You really seem a lovely person. You should get a lizard 🦎 by the way, 😊🌸 xx

  • shalini

    Oh Jo… How beautiful.. I am so emotional now that I am speechless. I had my college friends too. But they all moved away literally and figuratively.
    Luckily I have a couple of besties here, thanks to Blog. Though they are far, they are so very close to my heart. Maybe time may create havoc, but somehow I don’t believe so. I think they will be there for me, and I for them.
    But your post did remind me of a friend who died, we had been making plans to meet up… And she died. I promised to myself that I will remember her forever in happiness in times spent together, but I forgot in my own misery. Your post reminded me of the beautiful people who entered my life. Though they left, but I am happy they spent some time with me.
    Sorry for the long comment

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