February 28, 2021

The Closer I Get – Paul Burston

Another book that’s been languishing in my kindle… I *think* this was bought off the back of the blog tour. If you reviewed it then I bought it because of you… thanks!

This is one of those books that you can’t really stop once you’ve started. Kind of like a bag of crisps or a bar of dairy milk or a bottle of champagne. It’s really gripping.

Covering internet trolling, bullying and harassment with a pinch of homophobia and a sprinkle of unrequited love Burston has crafted a book that grabs you. And it’s got quite the twist which is always good!

Tom Hunter is a bestselling author who’s second novel bombs. When at a book signing he meets Evie Stokes who is… erm… an ardent admirer. She begins stalking him, sending emails, tweets, turning up at his home. Tom understandably calls the police. The story follows the trial and subsequent months and as Tom’s story unfolds it becomes clear that someone’s not telling the truth, the whole truth…

Luckily while the trial and the fallout is happening, Tom has his good friend Emma to lean on. She’s there with advice and to pick Tom up when things get tough. Their friendship is tested to the limit by Evie and her manipulative actions but ultimately Emma is always on Tom’s side.

I loved this story. It’s painfully accurate regarding Twitter and Twitter storms and how they blow up over nothing. As Evie is a blogger (but not a book blogger as she’s keen to point out) it interested me to read about my hobby in a novel – the depiction of some bloggers was spot on. I particularly loved Evie’s description of herself – “I am not and have never claimed to be a ‘book blogger’. Yes, I occasionally review books on my blog. But I also write about other things that interest me…”

Thoroughly enjoyable. I’d recommend this one for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

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