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I currently have a heap of books in my To Be Read stash… some are books I’ve been lucky enough to receive from authors, some I’ve agreed to review for new and upcoming authors, some are books recommended by other bloggers and the rest are books I’ve bought for myself to read. There’s a few!

Recently I was struggling with a severe reading slump. I just wasn’t enjoying it. It had become a chore. Something I felt obliged to do as a result of taking on a few books that I just wasn’t “feeling”. Happily the slump has passed!

Online Blanket Fort is still a relatively new blog. Like many bloggers I’m still learning. What I’ve learnt is this – blogging is supposed to be fun, that’s why I set up a book blog. I LOVE reading. I LOVE books. I love talking about books. It’s supposed to be fun but can only be fun if you are enjoying your content. I wasn’t.

From now on I’ll only be taking on review copies from Netgalley, Blog Tours and from authors for books that I think I’m likely to enjoy. The books I have on my TBR list now are ALL books I can’t wait to read – I’m excited for them!

What happened to the books that caused the slump? Some I finished but didn’t review. The rest I put to the Did Not Finish pile.

Life is short – read the books you enjoy.


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