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Tales of the TBR – April 2019

Since I’ve not done one of these for a while, let’s see just how silly the list is…

I’m only going to list the books I have on Netgalley and for Blog Tours, the rest can wait – I’ll get there eventually!

Upcoming Blog Tours

17th May: Breakers – Doug Johnstone

30th April: Eye For Eye – J. K. Franko

17th April: Zero – Neil McCormick

June: The Space Between Time – Charlie Laidlaw (US & UK Blog Tours)


I’ll break this down into 3 categories: Books from 2018 that I’m not entirely sure HOW I was able to request; Books I got as ARCs that are now published (D’oh); and Upcoming Releases.

Books from 2018

22nd March 2018: The Friendship Cure – Kate Leaver

6th September 2018: Don’t You Cry – Cass Green


7th Feb: A Version of the Truth – B. P. Walter

7th Feb: The Silent Patient – Alex Michaelides

7th Feb: Gallowstree Lane – Kate London

21st Feb: The Taking of Annie Thorn – C. J. Tudor

4th April: Time and How to Spend It – James Wallman

Upcoming Releases

18th April: No Way Out – Cara Hunter

18th April: The Evidence Against You – Gillian McAllister

23rd April: I Know Who You Are – Alice Feeney

9th May: The Art of Noticing – Rob Walker

13th June: The Holiday – T. M. Logan

27th June: Needlemouse – Jane O’Connor


So, there we have it! Seventeen (17!!) books to read. I’m on top of my Blog Tour reads, they’re not a worry. Will I manage to read the all of the remaining Upcoming Releases before they come out? Place your bets now!You may (or may not) have noticed that Online Blanket Fort has disappeared from social media recently. I’ll be back for the blog tours to give them the push they deserve but other than that I’m enjoying the break 🙂

What do you think of this list? Have you got any of these to read as well?


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