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Tag time!  I loves a tag although I’m awful at completing them… this one was too good to pass up though.

Thanks to Hannah at Hannah’s Bookshelf who originally spotted this tag over on Book Addicted Rambles 

What’s For Dinner?

You’re hosting a dinner party for your five favourite fictional characters. Who would you invite and why?

Edit:  Turns out I’ve chosen people who have all been turned into films or TV shows… so you can picture the dinner party quite nicely!

John Rebus  from the Rebus Series by Ian Rankin.

Image result for exit music

The former Detective Inspector, now retired yet still managing to cause trouble meddling in Police Scotland’s affairs.  I think he’d be a brilliant dinner party guest… maybe not so much now he’s given up drinking and smoking though.  Hmm… Rebus can only come to my dinner party if it’s the Rebus from the late 90’s early 00’s… and he can bring the IPA. 

Version:  The Ken Stott version of Rebus is almost perfect.

Jack Reacher from the Reacher Series by Lee Child

Image result for jack reacher the hard way

As an ex-military police major I think he’d have a lot to talk about with Rebus (who completed his SAS training then bailed).  They could compare notes on policing in the US and Scotland… although Reacher might get annoyed with Rebus and his drinking, while Rebus may get annoyed with Reacher’s lack of it.  And as they’re both loaners the conversation might prove to be a bit stilted… Coffee anyone?

Version:  The proper Jack Reacher, none of this Tom Cruise pish – I’m thinking some sort of Hugh Jackman/ Henry Cavill hybrid

Anthony J. Crowley from Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman’s Good Omens

Good Omens (Paperback)

For some reason I think he’d get on with both Reacher and Rebus – he’d at least fill the awkward silences and he couldn’t tempt them with anything they wouldn’t do off their own backs.  In fact, he might learn a thing or 2. Crowley would also bring a touch of glamour to proceedings as the other two aren’t known for dressing particularly well.

Version:  Which one do you think?  David Tennant was the perfect casting.

Jay Gatsby from The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald 

Image result for the great gatsby

Jay can be the party planner and we’ll hold the dinner party at his place, old sport.  Imagine the fun he’d have hearing the tales of Rebus and Reacher (which he could then retell as his own at a later date).  He and Crowley would get along famously… although I don’t think any of them would be up for going for a swim with him.  Sure they’d all be willing for a spin in the car and into New York instead – Jay, Crowley and Rebus could go drinking and Reacher could hop on the first Greyhound bus out.

Version:  Leo.  That man doesn’t seem to age…

Elizabeth Bennett from Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice (Paperback)

Thought I’d better invite another woman… Elizabeth Bennett is my favourite of the Bennett sisters. She’s the only one with a bit of sass and sense in my eyes. She’d run rings round all the men and drive them mad at the same time. They’d all leave half in love with her – and I don’t think she’d pick any of them. Well, maybe Crowley.

Version:  Keira Knightley’s Lizzie from 2005

What do you think?  Who would you have at yours?  Tell me in the comments or have a go yourself, I’m only tagging a few but consider yourselves all tagged! 

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