April 16, 2021

Stay Mad, Sweetheart – Heleen Kist

Oi! Smile love! It might never happen!

Sweetheart. Doll. Love. Babe. Sweetie. Chick.
*screams forever*

I quite like this book. Not only because it’s BRILLIANT but because Heleen allowed me and a group of bloggers access to beta read it in its earliest stages. It’s been a fascinating process right through.

Stay Mad, Sweetheart is a novel that made me see red with rage. The tone of the story is something that can and does happen on a daily basis. Women get a raw deal. Women get walked over. Women are believed to be the weaker sex. Men believe they are superior. Stay Mad, Sweetheart shows women balancing the scales.

Laura. Founder of an up and coming computer company, painfully shy, trusting, bookworm, nerd.

Suki. Corporate financier, hyper-intelligent, beautiful, ruthless.

Claire. Living in the shadow of a colleague. On the ball and a bit of a ball breaker.

Emily. The colleague. Hounded by online trolls following her sexual assault by a major film star.

As Emily’s best friend and seeing how distraught she is, Laura makes it her mission to track down the trolls. When she comes up with a data analysis tool that can find links between twitter users based on the words and tone used in their tweets she uncovers a little more than she bargains for. The take-over of her company is imminent and her business partner (and long-time friend) Justin is itching to get things moving but Laura now has other things on her mind.

The friendship that grows between the women is a beautiful thing to see unfold. From being unsure of one another to realising they have so much in common. The common purpose of teaching the misogynistic, egotistical and boorish men in their lives a lesson they’ll never forget.

Stay Mad, Sweetheart is a story that every woman will be able to relate to. And the men in your life should be encouraged to read it as well – it covers the perils, pitfalls and sheer terror of some of the things that go on online perfectly.

With the current #MeToo and #TimesUp themes in the media, Stay Mad, Sweetheart is an excellent example of what the movements are all about.

It’ll suck you in then spit you out, Sweetheart.

Note: I don’t ‘do’ star ratings anymore… but if I did, this would be a sparkly 5 ⭐

Stay Mad, Sweetheart by Heleen Kist was published on November 19th 2019 by Red Dog Press.

You can get a copy direct from the Red Dog Website.

Or order through Hive and have it delivered to your local independent book store!

Or do Amazon.

OR leave the house and go to Waterstones or your local bookstore!

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