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Star Wars: The Thrawn Trilogy

As a self confessed geek and lover of all things Star Wars I was excited to finally start reading the huge selection of books.

Now, when I say I am a lover of all things Star Wars, what I mean is the movies… I am in no way totally clued up on all the back-stories, characters or timelines… which is why I was keen to make a start on the books.

The Thrawn Trilogy comprises of: Heir to the Empire, Dark Force Rising and The Last Command and they are all written by Timothy Zahn.

The series starts 5-years AFTER the fall of the Empire, so after The Return of the Jedi but BEFORE The Force Awakens movies – with me so far? This was exciting as I thought it would give a good idea of what actually happened before Luke, Leia, Han and Chewie came back in the movies as OAPs!

I won’t go into huge detail but the basic premise is that there is a new bad guy who wants to destroy the good guys but first he needs new ships, Han and Leia are now Mr and Mrs Organa-Solo (how very modern) and Leia is expecting twins to be named Jacen and Jaina (TWINS?! Where’s Ben?? I know), while Luke has been away training up the next generation of young Jedi (uh-oh). So far, so not quite what I was expecting…

To tell the truth, I really struggled with these books. Each took me over a week to read which is very unusual. They are very descriptive – read about one fight in space, read em all in my opinion. That coupled with the fact that Disney haven’t stayed totally true to the books – meant I started off disappointed and it didn’t get much better. I plan to go back and re-read this trilogy at a later date, I feel they deserve another chance as Heir to the Empire is regarded by the true die-hards as one of the best Star Wars books around.

On Goodreads I gave Heir to the Empire and Dark Force Rising 3 stars each and The Last Command a 4 star review – whether that was because I genuinely enjoyed it more or was just thrilled to be near the end, I’m not quite sure…

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