February 28, 2021

Soldier Spy – Tom Marcus

‘I do it because it is all I know.
I’m a hunter of people and I’m damn good at it.’

Soldier Spy Cover


Bestselling author Tom Marcus is the first MI5 officer to tell the true story of British counter terrorism operations on our streets. Recruited after the 7/7 attacks on London, Tom quickly found himself immersed in the tense world of watching, following and infiltrating networks of terrorists, spies and foreign agents. It was a job that took over his life for months at a time and cost him dear, taking him to the limit of physical and mental endurance.

Filled with extraordinary, searing accounts of operations that saved countless lives, Soldier Spy is the only authentic account by an ex-MI5 officer of the round-the-clock battle to keep this country’s streets safe.

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I listened to Soldier Spy by Tom Marcus as an audiobook from Audible. Narrated by Jason Langley, Soldier Spy was published by Penguin in 2016.

This is NOT an easy listen. Marcus takes us through his career from his beginnings as a 16 year old army recruit right through until his discharge from MI5.

He tells us various stories from his career ranging from his intense training to become part of the counter terrorism team, through some of his operations and then his treatment for PTSD. James Bond this story is not. Marcus gives us the truth about what actually happens when you work as a ‘spook’, the things he’s seen, the experiences he’s had, the things he’s had to do are each more shocking than the last. And he did this to keep his country safe.

The overarching impression I was left with at the end of this audiobook was of a man incredibly proud of his country, someone who would do anything (and did do everything) to protect his country. His loyalty not only to his country but to his team and his family is incredible and really does come through in his writing.

Tom Marcus came from a broken home, wasn’t the best at school yet he went on to become an MI5 spook and was involved in some of the most dangerous missions in the UK and abroad. This isn’t fiction, it’s not the product of an authors imagination – it’s REAL – and this makes Soldier Spy a compulsive listen as an audiobook. The narrator is excellent – Jason Langley reads Tom Marcus’s story with raw emotion.

I cannot recommend this book (or audiobook) highly enough. If you enjoy true life books this is a must have.

As a side note – listening to this it made me realise how much our armed forces go through to protect us. Those who progress to the SAS or secret service go one step further – we really do have no idea how much they sacrifice.

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