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Keeping this updated is going well! It’s been a long week but what have I been reading?

I FINALLY charged up the old Kindle and got stuck in to K.L. Slater’s ‘The Mistake’. Thoroughly enjoyed the story of Rose and her manipulative boyfriend and the disappearance and death of her little brother Billy. Well, right up until the last chapter. Have any of you read this one? For me personally it felt as if the author got bored with writing the story! Rose has lived in the shadow of Gareth her manipulative first love for 16 years, she’s a mouse, a recluse, unable to move on from the death of her brother. Yet, and without giving away the whole plot, within one chapter she makes a miraculous recovery… I felt it ruined an otherwise fantastic book.

I’m currently reading Heartlands by Kerry Watts, up to Chapter 25 and 35% in and I’m only just getting a handle on the many, MANY characters who have been introduced! This is the first in the DI Jessie Blake series and it set largely around Perthshire and Angus in Scotland (you know I’m a sucker for Scottish crime books! Cannae beat some Tartan Noir) As I’m only just getting into this one I am reserving judgement just yet but I will say it’s a lovely book for reading in the bath until the water goes cold!

This Week’s Book Purchases

Even though I vowed not to be buying books for the foreseeable future… I failed. They make me happy, what can I say?

Mummy Blanket-Fort and I were supposed to go and see Ian Rankin being interviewed by Stuart MacBride in Dundee last weekend but the weather beat me. There was no chance I was driving in the torrential rain we had! I had planned on buying a copy of Rankin’s new book Westwind there and having it signed by both but I’ve had to make do with an unsigned copy from Amaz*n instead. Westwind is the ‘lost’ Rankin book… how does one lose an entire book??

I also bought 2 novels from independent publisher, Louise Walters Books. Quite a few book bloggers were tweeting about her after she revealed a cash-flow struggle with invoices. The good old book blogging community rallied and went a bit mad buying from her website. I was one of them. I came away with The Last Words of Madeleine Anderson by Helen Kitson and Don’t Think A Single Thought by Diana Cambridge. Can’t wait for them to arrive – the blurbs really grabbed me so fingers crossed I’ll have found a new indie publisher to follow!

What have you been reading this past week?


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