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This tag was doing the rounds a few months ago… I waited patiently for someone to tag me in it then it sort of died a death. Typical! Ruth @ Ruth in Revolt and Jay @ Bearded Igor Blogs gave me special dispensation to to the tag without an official tag so here we go!

The Aim of the Game

Set your Spotify songs to shuffle and post the first 10 that come up… whatever they may be!

Disclaimer: There are some absolute smashers in my Spotify playlists…

God help us all (other deities are available)

Joywave – NowDiscovered them on a ‘Chillout’ playlist and loved them so downloaded the album. This one isn’t so chilled but a not too bad a start!

Fatboy Slim presents Bem Brasil – Riva Starr: Samba CreolaOkay Fatboy Slim. Who doesn’t love a bit of Norman?! Seen him live once and going again next year. Not my favourite song of this album but still a good tune.

Say LouLou – Better in the DarkAnother one from an album downloaded after hearing them on another playlist. Love this song.

Garbage – Man on a WireGarbage are my all time favourites. I will not hear a bad word said about them. From their 5th album released in 2012 ❤️

The Prodigy – Serial Thrilla (Live) The Prodigy are my favourite live act. EVER. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen Keith Flint in his double mohawked glory leaping around the stage!

Cyndi Lauder – I Drove All NightI’m surprised it’s taken until song 6 for some cheese to come up! This is an EXCELLENT song for singing along to in the car.

alt-J – Something GoodNot entirely sure where I first heard of alt-J but they’re firm favourites of Mr Blanket-Fort and I. So much so we had one of their songs on our wedding day playlist.

Jason Donovan – Too Many Broken Hearts Don’t judge me!! I was feeling nostalgic one day! This was the first ever album I got when I was a little girl in the late 80’s. I got this and Kylie Minogue on cassette tape (ask your folks, kids). Unfortunately, it’s not aged well!

Garbage – Hammering in my HeadAs before, Garbage. From their best album, Version 2.0 released in 1998. We were at their 20th Anniversary concert for this album earlier in the month.

Neil Young – Heart of GoldA classic. Nuff said!

So… that wasn’t as bad as I feared! If you want to hear all these tunes then you can! I put them together on a Spotify playlist.

Tagging this bunch to take part too!

Emma R




& anyone else who wants a go!


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