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The Things We Learn When We’re Dead – Charlie Laidlaw

The Things We Learn When We’re Dead
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Published: 26th January 2017
The Things We Learn When We’re Dead is about how small decisions can have profound and unintended consequences, but how we can sometimes get a second chance. On the way home from a dinner party, Lorna Love steps into the path of an oncoming car. When she wakes up she is in what appears to be a hospital - but a hospital in which her nurse looks like a young Sean Connery...

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

It’s cold outside, there’s no kind of atmosphere. I’m all alone, more or less...

Don’t panic.

If you understand the above three references then you will LOVE ‘The Things We Learn When We’re Dead’

If you haven’t made the link between the three references above, let me help you out...

The Things We Learn When We’re Dead is a book that seems to have been heavily influenced by Star Wars, Red Dwarf and The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy - this is in no way a bad thing!

Let me explain... Lorna Love is dead.  Killed when she steps out in front of a car, she wakes up in HVN (a research facility in outer space).  The story follows her regaining her memories, trying to understand where she is, why there’s not many other people in HVN and why she’s there in the first place.

God is an old hippy, slightly dottled, but still wise (hello, Zaphod), HVN is a huge Station in the middle of outer space, stranded after a catastrophic engine failure due to God’s inability to navigate (Death Star/ Red Dwarf), Run and maintained by Trinity the all seeing, all knowing onboard computer (Hello, Holly).

Although I think the book is heavily influenced by previous sci-fi books, tv shows and movies, the concept is still an original one.

Taking the reader through Lorna’s life, her decisions, her mistakes and her past loves the story unravels why she has ended up in HVN and ultimately gives her the choice - stay and have eternal life (and also the ability to look like any one you like - the space station has several versions of Kate Winslet, Brad Pitt and Sean Connery) or go back and live the life she was meant to. 

I so enjoyed this book. Not only because I am a Star Wars geek - the book is full of references to A New Hope - but because it’s well written, an original concept - what is heaven?

An out of this world 5 stars!

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I received this book direct from the author in return for an honest review.

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