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Moments – Cara Belner

Published: 20th July 2018
When Kelly enters her second semester of college, she feels confident that she’s on the cusp of a new life.  Life has other plans for Kelly.  While trying to find some form of life that feels comfortable to her, she encounters five people who change the course of her life.  One party and one drink take away her newfound confidence, leaving her in the wake of a traumatic assault. Feeling isolated, without the support of…

I received this book directly from the author, Cara Belner.  This is my first, ever, proper, hold-it-in-your-hands, book that I've received as a book blogger - it'll be kept forever!

Luckily, it's a goodie.

The story follows Kelly, a college student who feels like she's never really fitted in anywhere.  On starting her second term at college she finally feels confident in her own skin and vows to make this year the year that things change.  Unfortunately for Kelly during her first Frat Party her drink is spiked and she wakes up in a strange bed, in a strange flat with the realisation that she has been raped.

It's not the cheeriest of subject matter, however it IS a good story.  Belner takes you on a journey through Kelly's recovery and the people who influence her life both before and after the assault.  There are 5 people who make a difference to her:  Ryder - her best friend; Matthew - her first boyfriend following the assault; Gloria & Tim - College counsellors; and Phoenix - a subsequent boyfriend.  I found each of these characters to be well written, and while you may not LIKE some of them, they are very charismatic.

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel, so much so I devoured it in one day over 2 sittings... I would have read it in one go but that 'life' thing got in the way!  The author has self published this novel through Amazon and the typeface and indentation isn't like a standard book - this is a small niggle and didn't particularly impact my enjoyment of the book.

Even though the subject matter is pretty tough this is still an easy read.  It's well written and flows well from one situation to the next.  Kelly does come across as bit of a floozy with the ease in which she switches from one boyfriend to the next especially after her ordeal however this is maybe her way of coping.

A solid 4 stars - highly recommended.

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