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I Know You – Annabel Kantaria

I Know You
Published: 28th June 2018
That picture you posted on Instagram?  I've seen it. The location you tagged?  I've been there. You haven't been careful enough, have you?  Because I know you. I'll watch you until I know everything about your life.  And then I'll destroy it.

As a Book Blogger, when you get a book direct from the publisher it's a pretty big deal.  I received my review copy of 'I Know You' by Annabel Kantaria direct from HarperCollinsUK and may have been a little giddy about it!

The story follows Taylor, an american abroad, living in London with her husband, Jake.  Taylor is pregnant and lonely, in her search for some new friends she joins a walking group.  It's at this group she meets Simon and Anna.  Anna is also pregnant, has an absent husband and is also looking for a friend.  Simon is a divorced stay at home carer for his elderly and sick father, and quickly develops feelings for Taylor.  Having moved from California to Croydon for a 'fresh start' following her husband's infidelity, and with Jake already travelling for work and staying away from home, the scene is set for a tense story centering around Taylor.

Fast forward a few months - Taylor and Anna are inseparable.  They've both joined a book group meeting more lonely women... one of whom happens to have gone to school with Taylor's husband, Jake.  Anna has received a threatening parcel and has discovered she is being watched.  Taylor has suspicions that Jake is cheating on her with Sarah, a divorced woman from her Book Group.  Simon has taken to turning up on Taylor's doorstep unannounced and uninvited... It's all becoming interesting...

The story is told from Taylor's point of view.  Although it jumps from the present to the past it's still easy to follow and understand.  The book is also peppered with chapters from someone else's point of view - this is the genius part - you don't know who's point of view it is right until the end of the book.  Is it Anna?  Is it Taylor about Anna? Is it Simon?  WHO IS IT?!

Kantaria has effectively captured the modern obsession with social media and posting absolutely everything online.  When you stop to think about it, it could be incredibly easy for an unknown person to track your every move... (Says she writing on her blog which will instantly be posted to Facebook, Twitter and Insta...)

I really, REALLY enjoyed this book.  It's got a very clever twist that I guarantee you won't see coming.  With a couple of false-endings it lulls you into a sense of understanding whats going on and who's who in Taylor's life right up until the end... a very cleverly plotted narrative!

An excellent 4.5 stars!





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