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Rebekah Gillian

Welcome to the FIRST EVER featured blogger on Online Blanket Fort!

We are kicking off with Rebekah who was part of the chat where the blog name Online Blanket Fort came from!  You can find her on Twitter here.

Here’s her answers to the O.B.F. questions!

Who are you? 

I’m Rebekah Gillian, a nineteen year old from Devon, England.

What’s your blog address? 


What’s the name of your blog?

Rebekah Gillian

When did you start?

I started blogging almost three years ago, in August 2015. At first, this was on a free domain, but I decided to go self-hosted a year ago in March.

WHY did you start?

Originally, I started writing blog posts on my blog to broadcast my talent to my friends and family without having to give them my novels to read. I’d also just finished my last year of secondary school here in the UK, and wanted something to do over summer before I started college in Autumn. Shortly after starting my blog, however, I received my autism diagnosis, and within a matter of months, blog posts about my disability became a regular feature. I want to educate people with the things I post, but I also want it to be somewhere that people can visit when they want to read something more lighthearted, which is why I brand myself as a disabled lifestyle blogger. Think of it as a little something for everyone–or at least I hope that’s how it comes across.

What sort of posts do you feature?

As I mentioned above, I’d say about a third of my content is autism related. Other than that, I also write about a variety of lifestyle topics, including health and wellbeing, blogging advice, writing and college. I’m also hoping to feature some more discussion pieces on my blog in the near future.

Ever made yourself a blanket fort?

Yes! When I was younger, me and my siblings would drag the dining room chairs into the living room (which always got us told off by our parents because we damaged the wooden flooring, oops), and cover them in blankets. When I’m not in the greatest place mentally, I find there’s nothing better than curling up with blankets on your bed and binge-watching movies or TV shows on Netflix, either.

What 3 essentials would you have in your Blanket Fort?

  1. Food, because you cannot survive without comfort food, right?
  2. My laptop, so that I could work on my blog and binge-watch TV at the same time.
  3. Books, so that I could read in a cozy environment and get closer to reaching my Goodreads goal of the year!

Blogging can be a very personal thing… have you told your friends and family that you have a blog?

Yes. I told them quite early on, actually, and many of them like the Facebook page associated with my blog. Some of my friends and family aren’t the most supportive, which can suck, but I recognise that blogging–or reading blogs–isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

What are your passions, what makes you happy? 

This is probably such a boring blogger answer, but I love writing. I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. It’s been mostly novels, but more and more recently, I’ve been venturing into writing content and other non-fiction work, which has been great. Now that I’ve turned writing into my career, finding time to do it in my free time can be difficult (and I don’t always want to, even when I do have the time), but it’s so worth it when I do. I also really enjoy reading.

Describe your happy place for us. 

My happy place is being able to relax in my bedroom after a busy day, with snacks and fizzy drinks, while watching a series or TV show. It feels so good to be able to be at peace with myself completely after a long day, knowing I don’t have to worry about being judged by anyone or act in a way that lives up to someone’s standards of who I am.

Last one – If you were a sweetie… what would you be?

Palma violets, for sure! i can’t get enough of them.


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