RAGE BLOG: Twitter – what’s the deal?

Twitter. It’s a great tool for connecting with likeminded people across the world. Used by companies, individuals, bloggers and celebs alike there are 336 MILLION monthly active users…

Since signing up 3 weeks ago I’ve met so many amazing people I couldn’t name them all. I’ve also discovered that for every 10 lovely people there’s at least one troll, one bot, one shadow and one seeker.


A troll is a strange being. A person (I use this term in the loosest sense) who gains joy from winding up, disrespecting or just being plain mean to another person online. Also known as a keyboard warrior. Usually a middle aged man living in his mother’s basement or a tween who hasn’t discovered manners yet.


Programmed to scan twitter for certain words or phrases and then bombard you with spam tweets, DMs or random follows. Usually porn.


People who follow you, like your tweets but never interact past that. Even if you comment on their tweets, all you get in return is a ‘like’. Maybe they’re shy?


These are the follow/unfollow crowd. Those who will follow you, wait for a follow back then disappear. Usually done to make their numbers looks better – think 5000 followers but only following 50 (an exaggeration but you get my point). I will never understand this phenomenon. They seek out followers like a bloodhound but once you’ve followed them back they’re gone in a puff of smoke. Where’s the interaction there?!

Everyone wants to be popular and everyone would love thousands of followers but what’s the point if there’s nothing behind it? The chances are the followers they have aren’t going to click on many of the links posted so is it *just* about the follower number?

It makes me so ANGRY when I realise I’ve been duped by one of these accounts. I’m sure most of you reading this go out of your way to cultivate your following. To love and nurture it and try to make some meaningful connections on twitter. Some may even (shock) make friends there!

Don’t get me wrong – I’ve unfollowed accounts. Either because there’s been little to no interaction or simply because I don’t like the content. I’m a trusting wee soul and will generally follow everyone back who subscribes to my tweets – maybe that’s why it hurts so much when it turns out I’ve been conned. If someone has taken the time to hit ‘follow’ to get my updates then the least I can do is return the favour, see what they’re saying and get some chat on the go.

What’s your experience been? Do you just let it go? Or are you like me and on a crusade to block the seekers?

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  • AMV70R

    Twitter is actually one of my favorites to find and connect. I just dislike people who dm you because they want to get to know you better…even after you politely tell them you’re married and not interested. Like, I’m not here to date! But they still keep at it 😲

  • katedaysaweek

    Totally agree with you and Shalini as well. The guys who confuse Twitter for Tinder uuuugh!

    I think the follow/unfollow trend comes from Instagram which, in my opinion, is even worse as far as popularity snobs are concerned.

    I gotta admit that I’m petty enough to make sure I unfollow each and everyone who has unfollowed me lol

  • Bibi @ Bibi's Book Blog

    Great post! As much as I want to not be, I feel like I’m what you call a Shadow. I try to interact, post things and my blog posts are linked directly to Twitter. However, I’m having a hard time getting interactions and often, I miss others’ post.

    I don’t understand when people expect a follow back. I mean it’s nice and great, obviously, as you said we all want more followers. But I don’t expect people to follow me. I follow the ones that look interesting, engaging and have interesting content. They don’t have to follow me, but it’s great when they do.

    However, I do agree that it’s very rude to be a follow-troll. I haven’t experienced this on Twitter, but I have on my blog. I’ve seen people unfollow my blog, a few days after I follow theirs. As I have like 107 followers it’s still relatively easy to see when the number goes down, and then spot which picture is missing from the list. They get an unfollow right back.

    Wow longest rant reply ever, haha 😀 xx

  • shalini

    this was such a well thought of post. I agree to everything that you have said. I have men hitting on me especially those who are divorced or widowed in the military with a kid and looking for love or I have these people whose ego goes on an all time high when they have more followers than the following

    Whenever I follow someone, I give them 2 weeks or a month to follow me back, and if they don’t then I unfollow them. I seem to have the worst luck with Instagram.

    I don’t mind the shy tweeters, they like and don’t interact. That’s fine with me as long as they don’t behave like an idiot.

    Liking tweets and interacting with everyone is little difficult Jo as life and job and responsibilities get the best of me most times. But I do try

    did I go overboard on this comment?

    • Jo @ Books’n’Bits

      Absolutely not Shalini! I’m so sorry you’ve had trouble with men hitting on you, unfortunately everywhere online is getting that way. I’m on Insta for my blog but don’t tend to use it much, prefer twitter for interaction.
      Everyone has a life offline so I do understand that many people won’t be as active – it’s good to chat when folk are about though 🙂
      Thanks so much for commenting! xx

  • emmar

    I’ve happily not come across trolls yet! But I’ve been followed and unfollowed (I noticed, so unfollowed back! Ha! Take that! 😂) So far I’ve been enjoying my Twitter experience!

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