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Today it’s the turn of Stephanie from Racing Elephants – a mother of 5 (5!!) who still somehow finds the time to run her blog!  Puts most of us to shame I think.  She is also partial to a good Friends gif so that makes her a keeper in my book!

You can find her on Twitter as well as Facebook.

Here she is!

Who are you? I’m Stephanie, a stay at home mom to five kids, ages 2-12

What’s the name of your blog and the address?  Racing Elephants at http://racingelephants.com/

When did you start? I launched May 11, 2018, just before the school holidays!

WHY did you start? I’ve been wanting to blog for a long time, probably years. I decided that it was time to stop thinking about it and start going for it

What sort of posts do you feature? I talk about motherhood, household management, recipes, and some diy projects. My theory is that there isn’t one perfect way to do anything, and we’re all just trying to figure it out. I feel completely under qualified for what I do, but I’m passing along my joys and struggles (even if only to help people understand that they’re not alone!)

Ever made yourself a blanket fort? Heck yes! I’ve made them for myself in the past, but with five kids around here, we’ve had several within the recent past.

What 3 essentials would you have in your Blanket Fort? In a fort for myself… coffee, a book, and a blanket

Blogging can be a very personal thing… have you told your friends and family that you have a blog? I have! I was so nervous to share, but they’ve all been really supportive

What are your passions, what makes you happy? Is it too cliche to say my family? I mean, truly, they may all drive me different levels of crazy, but they’re also what makes me happier than anything.

Describe your happy place for us. On a beach, with the sun shining down and sand between my toes. I’d have a book in one hand and a drink in the other. My kids would be playing by the water, but someone else would be in charge of getting them what they need, lol

Last one – If you were a sweetie… what would you be? The candy? Pink!

And just for you Steph…

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