April 16, 2021

March 2021: The slump is real

What did I read in March? Not a whole lot sadly… the lockdown slump is real.

What I read

Blackstoke by Rob Parker

I was part of the blog tour for Blackstoke by Rob Parker – my review is here: https://onlineblanketfort.com/blackstoke-rob-parker

Trust Me by T.M. Logan

I reviewed this one too! You can read it here: https://onlineblanketfort.com/trust-me-t-m-logan

Deity by Matt Wesolowski

Cover of Deity by Matt Wesolowski. Shows the skull of a deer-like animal on a pale grey background.

The 5th book in the Six Stories series features a shamed (and now dead) pop-star with podcaster Scott King metaphorically raking over the grave to see what surfaces.

As a lover of this series, Deity was a book that was pre-ordered and much anticipated. While it’s perhaps (in my opinion) not quite as gripping as the previous books it is still a great read. I did find it difficult to get invested in the story as the subject matter isn’t something I’d go out my way to read normally. The main character is based on all those stars who have now been revealed as being not the most pleasant of people (that’s putting it in the nicest way I can – think Jimmy Saville).

What I *did* really like was the slight change to Matt’s usual format for this book. The Six Stories series are written as if it’s the transcript of a podcast which in itself is such a fab concept. But this one has the added transcript of a television interview with the main character at the start of each podcast episode/ chapter – I loved this! It really emphasised the difference between what is shown to us in the media – the carefully curated image of all our favourite celebs – and what is actually happening.

A good read – just be aware of its subject.

Books I bought

I was very restrained this month – just two books! A signed copy of Trust Me by T.M. Logan (above) and a signed first edition of Far from the Tree by Rob Parker (the audible original is being released as a book by Red Dog Press) – my bank account is quite relieved so few books were bought!

March. Not a good month for books in the Online Blanket Fort!

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