February 28, 2021

Love Punked – Nia Lucas

A couple of weeks back, having just finished ANOTHER book about blood and gore and twists and turns, I was desperate for something a bit ‘lighter’. I asked for recommendations on Twitter and the lovely Nia Lucas got in touch to offer me a copy of her novel Love Punked.

I must admit, I read the reviews and thought to myself “a book about teenage pregnancy and drug dealers… this does NOT sound light and fluffy”. How wrong I was… well, maybe not the fluffy bit – the lead character Erin is NOT fluffy.

Nia has written an absolutely hilarious, laugh out loud funny book!

Erin is 16 and just found herself pregnant with twins after a one night stand, in her parents garage, on a plastic patio recliner chair. So far, so classy. The father Jamel then disappears. AWOL. No sign of him. No word. Nothing. Until just after the twins are born… when he is released from jail.

Jamel (or Jay/ Wheels to his friends) is a dude. He has a crew. He has a manor. He has a scarred eyebrow. He’s fit as fook, Bruv. And as it turns out, actually quite likes Erin.

The story has a whole host of characters ranging from Erin’s utterly terrifying (yet very understanding) Mother; Erin’s best friend Lees and her on-off boyfriend Ads; Oti – Jay’s brother and Erin’s ally in the highly dysfunctional family that Jay comes from; Danny – Erin’s husband (they married when they were 7 in Erin’s head) who moved to New Zealand just as Erin was dealing with her teenage pregnancy and devastating her and his best friend Gio; Gio is a constant source of annoyance to Erin, always there, always saying horrible things to her yet always there when it matters.

All of these characters and Lucas’s writing come together to make a very funny, very sweet, and very readable young-adult novel. A genre I usually avoid like the plague… but I *think* I could be converted if there are more like these!

I’ll leave you with my favourite quote from the book. From Erin, describing the knitted clothes her uncle knits for her newborns:

“I genuinely cannot wait to dress my babies like a drunk unicorn vomited rainbows all over them.”

Absolutely brilliant ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Thank you Nia – for cheering up a jaded book-blogger!

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