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Lizzie Dripping

Meet Lizzie!

Who are you?  I’m Lizzie, a 27 year old blogger from Cheshire.
What’s your blog address?  https://lizziedrippingblog.blogspot.com/
What’s the name of your blog?  Lizzie Dripping
When did you start?  Around five years ago
WHY did you start?  I originally started as a daily diary, to vent some frustrations I had while teaching and engaging in the teaching blogging community. Five years later, it looks very different.
What sort of posts do you feature?  Lifestyle posts, reviews, days out
Ever made yourself a blanket fort?  Yes – although not recently!
What 3 essentials would you have in your Blanket Fort?  Books, snacks and pillows – simple!
Blogging can be a very personal thing… have you told your friends and family that you have a blog?  Yes – only my Mum reads it though! My colleagues don’t know though.
What are your passions, what makes you happy?  Going to the theatre, reading and days out walking
Describe your happy place for us.  My bed, on a cool autumn afternoon. It’s raining outside, so I’m cuddled up with all my duvets and a hot water bottle. I have a good book and some fresh fruit to snack on.
Last one – If you were a sweetie… what would you be?  I’d be a Galaxy. Easy to read but sweet!

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