February 25, 2021

In the Sweep of the Bay – Cath Barton

They forgot the happiness. Or rather, pushed it away. But it was there, all their lives, waiting to surprise them.

This warm-hearted tale explores marriage, love, and longing, set against the majestic backdrop of Morecambe Bay, the Lakeland Fells, and the faded splendour of the Midland Hotel.

Ted Marshall meets Rene in the dancehalls of Morecambe and they marry during the frail optimism of the 1950s. They adopt the roles expected of man and wife at the time: he the breadwinner at the family ceramics firm, and she the loyal housewife. But as the years go by, they find themselves wishing for moreā€¦

After Ted survives a heart attack, both see it as a new beginningā€¦ but can a faded love like theirs ever be rekindled?

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Written by Cath Barton and published on 23rd November 2020 by Louise Walters Books, In the Sweep of the Bay is a novella that will make you feel. Feel what? Feel everything.

In the Sweep of the Bay is so much more than what is promised in the blurb. It certainly is the story of Rene and Ted’s marriage through the years but amongst that we are taken on a journey through the lives of several other characters who cross Ted and Rene’s path in one way or another. There’s even a little bit of ‘Strictly’ thrown in!

From their courtship to marriage and raising their children to Ted’s work-life and Rene’s home-life to retirement it’s a simple story of a simple marriage. A couple who do love one another but in the course of normal life have forgotten not only that love but also each other. There’s no drama – no grand gestures – no huge fights – it’s just a story about a couple, their life and how life can blind you from seeing what you have.

I thoroughly enjoyed In the Sweep of the Bay. While it is short and sweet, it’s a genuinely lovely story of appreciating what you have, not comparing yourself to others and enjoying the little things in life. It’s another book from Louise Walters Books that I will gladly recommend to all.

In the Sweep of the Bay is out now and you can order your paperback or e-copy directly from Louise Walters Books.

I bought my own copy of In the Sweep of the Bay. This review forms my own honest opinion.

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