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I’ll Read Anything… *

As a book blogger and all round reading addict, I’ll read pretty much anything… books, magazines, journals, sides of shampoo bottles, instruction manuals, anything!

A few years ago I rented a flat.  It had been fully refurbished and came with an absolutely GORGEOUS newly fitted kitchen with all mod-cons.  New washing machine, fridge, freezer and most excitingly for me – a dishwasher!  Having never had one before (and having no idea how to work it) I set about reading the instruction manual.

I got as far as loading the dishwasher and turning it on and decided the rest would sort itself out, it’s a dishwasher, it washes dishes, it was now washing the dishes, job done… the manual went back in its drawer.

Fast-forward an hour and a strange beeping starts echoing around the flat… cue a very confused Jo.  Did my lovely new flat have a burgler alarm I didn’t know about? Was there a fire?? Nope… it was the dishwasher.  Why on EARTH would a dishwasher have an alarm.  Out came the manual again.

Now.  I should explain that the appliance was a Japanese brand and so the manual had been translated from the original language.  There had been a few mis-translations when I was first reading it but nothing that had been completely unintelligible.  I read on to the part about the dishwasher finishing its cycle…

“Upon finishing the wash your appliance will be mooing…”  Mooing.  Something MAY have been lost in translation there I think!

So, there’s a prime example of the importance of accurate translations, not only in instruction manuals but also in all reading matter.  A quick google search of “funny translations” will give you hours of fun – my favourite is still my mooing dishwasher though.

The importance of accuracy in Instruction Manuals is not only important from a safety point of view – we don’t want any completely unavoidable accidents caused by a missed word – but also from a professional point of view.  As a consumer we expect the very best for the price we have paid.  There is a very well known Swedish furniture shop whose instructions are legendary for being more than a little bit confusing… buy cheap, get cheap?

The guys at Manualise aim to end this.  They can create multilingual manuals for a range of products from power tools to gadgets.  All can be customised to the client and can either be paper based or online manuals (or both!) depending on the product type and client requirements.

In addition to this, Manualise can offer a technical documentation service.  Technical documentation can provide a host of additional information for products and really comes into its own in the unlikely and unfortunate event of an accident.

So, if you have a product and you need an instruction manual, speak to Manualise – as a young and energetic company they’ll ensure that your product is easy to use… No Mooing With Manualise.

*This post has been sponsored by Manualise in partnership with Get Blogged!

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