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Thursday is the day of Emma! Here she is

Who are you? 

I’m Emma – I’m a Mum of two rather scrumptious kids (and a Golden Retriever), a wife, a soon to be MA student as of September, where I’ll be studying Creative Writing, all in with the aim of one day becoming an author!

What’s your blog address?

My blog can be found at emma-r.com

What’s the name of your blog?

It’s just my name – Emma R! A bit boring, but there was a cunning method to my dull madness! I had thought about lots of different names, but with every name I felt I was pigeonholed in terms of content. I’m planning on doing this long term, and I wanted the freedom to express myself as I please as my interests and my own lifestyle naturally evolves over the coming years.

When did you start?

Only about a month ago! I did start a blog several years ago – but it wasn’t a great time in my life and I didn’t have either the time or the desire to dedicate to it that I should have done. I also didn’t have the understanding or the know how that I have of social media now. Not that I’m an expert by any stretch of the imagination, but back then I had zero practical experience, whereas it is something I’ve used for work, taken courses in etc, so I feel more confident this time around.

WHY did you start?

For several reasons! First and foremost, I wanted a forum of my very own, with no rules or regulations where I could write freely. For several years I have wrote for companies I’ve worked for, creating content, blog posts and the like, which I’ve loved doing. But, I’ve had to follow brand guidelines, write in a certain ‘voice’ etc. I just wanted an area where I could write as me. I write about what interests me, and what is relevant to me in my life.

What sort of posts do you feature?

I post regular blogs reviewing books I’ve read, they form the foundation of my blog. Beyond that, there are no rules! I just blog about things I’ve experienced, things I like, or maybe an information blog with helpful tips. I don’t like to restrict myself. I’m a Mum, so obviously parenting forms a big part of my life, I love fashion, I love make up and beauty products – to be honest, if I fancy blogging about it I will! I’ve heard that the most successful blogs have a particular niche…..but I’m not sure I want success at the price of feeling so restricted. It’s my space so I shall bloody well do what I like with it!

Ever made yourself a blanket fort?

Do I breathe oxygen? Of course! Although I’m pretty sure my blanket fort was actually a blanket palace.

What 3 essentials would you have in your Blanket Fort?

An excellent book, a notebook and pen (technically two, but I’m claiming it as one) for scribbling down ideas and an excellent bottle of red wine, preferably a cabernet sauvignon.

Blogging can be a very personal thing… have you told your friends and family that you have a blog?

Some. My husband is aware and reads it, and I’ve shown the odd post to my parents. My Mum in particular has been encouraging me to write about my experience with PND, so I’m launching a series of blog posts shortly which has been incredibly difficult but cathartic to write about. I’m not hiding my blog, I just feel awkward shouting about it, as although I have to self promote via Twitter etc, it makes me cringe inwardly and that feeling is magnified tenfold in actual conversation!!

What are your passions, what makes you happy? 

I love to read and write, spending time with my husband and children (although I may rescind that one by the end of the summer holidays!), I’m a huge tv fan and enjoy a good binge-watch, and I’m a tad obsessed with Hollyoaks (I think it’s the supressed teenager in my trying to get out!)

Describe your happy place for us. 

That’s really hard! I don’t think I have a specific place. I’m happy anywhere we can spend quality time together as a family and just have fun! After I had my daughter last July time has suddenly gone into fast forward mode, so I’m trying to savour every moment!

Last one – If you were a sweetie… what would you be?

A Skittle, because I think they the best sweets on earth. Specifically though, I would be one from the ‘Confused’ range – because you think you know what you’re getting, until you test it out and then it’s completely different! That’s me, I’m wary of people and act a certain way until I get to know them and trust them, and then I can relax and be myself!


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