February 28, 2021

Don’t Think a Single Thought – Diana Cambridge


1960s New York, and Emma Bowden seems to have it all – a glamorous Manhattan apartment, a loving husband, and a successful writing career. But while Emma and her husband Jonathan are on vacation at the Hamptons, a child drowns in the sea, and suspicion falls on Emma. As her picture-perfect life spirals out of control, and old wounds resurface, a persistent and monotonous voice in Emma’s head threatens to destroy all that she has worked for…

Taut, elegant and mesmerising, Don’t Think a Single Thought lays bare a marriage, and a woman, and examines the decisions – and mistakes – which shape all of our lives.

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A few months before Christmas, a tweet appeared from an independent publisher. The tweet went along the lines of there being a cash flow problem and as a result things were tight money wise – any sales would be appreciated. Book Twitter responded!

I have a growing love for small independent publishers – some of the best books I’ve read recently have come from small, family run, dedicated independent publishing houses. Louise Walters Books is now one of my firm favourites. Not only is Louise LOVELY but as she says herself :

“My imprint Louise Walters Books is tiny, indie, and receptive to books bigger publishers may not be able to consider. I aim to publish only the very best in adult literary and literary/commercial fiction, across all genres.”

Louise only publishes 4 books a year so you KNOW they have been chosen well and are going to be a fab read! And – as with other small independents, the packaging of her novels is fantastic… they come wrapped in the literary sections of magazines rather than the usual jiffy bag! I love getting parcels through the door that are just a little bit different!

Anyway, enough fan-girling.

Don’t Think a Single Thought is the debut from Diana Cambridge. It’s a tiny novel at only 175 pages so absolutely perfect for a Sunday afternoon read. Don’t be fooled though, it’s 175 pages of pure wonder. Don’t Think a Single Thought is the story of Emma Bowden – a well married, well educated, and very troubled woman.

Emma’s life isn’t as picture perfect as it would seem as she struggles with her thoughts, self medicates with ‘slivers’ of pills and tries to convince herself and her husband that she’s fine. Following the drowning of a child while they are on holiday, Emma’s life and her mental health spiral further out of control.

Don’t Think a Single Thought is different from any other book I’ve read in the past few years. It’s more a short essay into one woman’s decent into oblivion. Hearing voices, self medicating, taking chances, trying to please her husband and all the while carrying the burden of guilt from an incident from her past.

It’s difficult to put into words how much I enjoyed this book (great for a book-blogger!) but it’s very rare that I’ll go back and re-read a book but this is one that I feel certain I will revisit again and again. It’s unique, captivating, devastating and raw.

I absolutely loved it.

Publisher: Louise Walters Books

Released: September 2019

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

I bought my own signed copy of this book for myself from Louise Walters Books – you can too!

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