March 2, 2021

Black Blood – Jane Eddie

Danni was a trainee corporate lawyer before she was forced to flee her life in London. Having escaped a controlling and abusive partner, she now finds herself hiding from another predator – her employer.

Post-Brexit, the U.K. oil industry is on its knees and desperate to turn a profit, but at what cost?

Many companies in Aberdeen have already been forced to sell out to the Russians, but when a prominent CEO is found dead, the number of mysterious deaths offshore has escalated and oil platforms are being targeted by terrorists. But who is actually calling the shots? There is more to these attacks than meets the eye…

As Danni draws ever closer to discovering the truth, she becomes embroiled in a web of secrets and deceit where doing the right thing could cost her life.

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This is Jane Eddie’s debut novel. Published in January 2020 Black Blood was already on my radar from being very well publicised by Aberdeen’s Waterstones. Aberdeen is a small place for a city of £210k people so I shouldn’t have been surprised when Jane also appeared on my LinkedIn feed through a mutual connection.

Based in an Aberdeen of the not too distant future, Black Blood centres round Danni and her role within Moskaneft – an oil company recently taken over by Russian owners. Danni has found herself in the North-East of Scotland after leaving London, her career and her abusive boyfriend a year previously.

A little bit of background… Aberdeen (the real-life Aberdeen) has gone through a lot of changes since the oil downturn of 2014. Many people lost their jobs or were forced to take wage reductions to remain in employment. There is a local myth that the local Audi garage had keys posted through its letterbox when former highly paid oil workers could no longer afford the repayments. Aberdeen has had a tough time. But it is slowly getting better, the oil price is going up and oil companies are taking people on again. While it’ll probably never be the same as it was before we’re still the ‘Oil Capital of Europe’… just.

Jane’s depiction of Aberdeen in the first few chapters of Black Blood is terrifying! A Visit Scotland advert it is not. While it’s not a true depiction of Aberdeen at present, it’s scary how accurate it could be. How many UK cities are one bad political ‘deal’ away from boarded up shops, food banks, riots, mass unemployment? It’s an almost dystopian beginning to the novel.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Aberdeen, it was so much fun having a story set in places I know and recognise. Stuart MacBride is the only other Aberdeen based author I’ve read and this made a nice wee change. Jane has managed to shoe-horn in some of Aberdeenshire’s Doric language with the inclusion of an older copper from Aberdeenshire.

Black Blood canters along at a fair pace, so much so that I finished it in about 2 days – I was reading it whenever I had a spare quarter of an hour. The characters are all marvellous, well described and made human with little quirks and characteristics. You have: Danni – understandably terrified of her own shadow having left her abusive boyfriend, yet willing to stand up to not only the office bully but also her new Russian employers when it becomes apparent that all is not as it seems. Tony – Offshore medic employed by Moskaneft and desperate to date Danni, he comes across as incredibly sweet and not as the creep he could quite easily be… although I’m not sure I could have forgiven him as easily as Danni does towards the end (no spoilers but it’s GOOD!). The Russians – a little bit stereotypical, think Bond villains with long coats, hushed conversations and highly illegal plans – the perfect ‘baddies’.

I’d recommend Bad Blood to those who want a fast-paced Scottish thriller. Quite excited for whatever comes next from Jane Eddie.

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