Blogging – 1 month in!

This little blog is 1 month old today!

Here’s my feelings towards the past month…

I’ll admit, Books’n’Bits is a confused little blog. Is it a book blog? Is it a diary? Is it a place for me to just post about things I like?

I started the blog to fill time, as a hobby, for something to do. The blog needed a subject and as I was reading a lot the obvious subject was books. I knew at the start that I wanted to do posts other than books as well. Hence the ‘bits’. However, as this month has gone by, I realise that I probably will end up doing more of the ‘bits’ than the ‘books’! My reading has gone down the pan as I spend my spare time either on twitter or tinkering with my blog theme… can’t do reviews if I’m not reading as much. I’m hoping that it’ll get back to normal once the novelty has worn off a little bit… I’m sure it will… right??

To start with I went in all guns blazing with Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. I’ve since added a Pinterest and a BlogLovin’. However it’s twitter that’s been my main focus… however much it irks me sometimes! See my little meltdown here. I think the Facebook will be deleted as it’s just not for me. It also doesn’t seem to be the platform favoured by most bloggers. I need to up my Insta game as well. I am sporadic over there at best! Social media has been a HUGE distraction… does anyone else find that it takes over completely??

What’s surprised me most is the whole blogging community. So welcoming and so much advice! It’s been a real treat getting to know a few bloggers and chattering about this, that and the next thing.

Like any blogger (new or old), I’ve had ‘the wobble’. I’m going to keep at it though, try not to worry too much that Books’n’Bits doesn’t have a clear direction just yet, and continue to post random bits and pieces.

I’d be interested to hear how you found blogging when you first started… did you have a clear direction?

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  • Anna @ The Bibliotaph

    Congrats on making it a month! And I’m so impressed that you just jumped in entirely – good for you! I feel like I’m still kind of easing into the blogging world and figuring out what blogging looks like for me, so I’m really inspired by your enthusiasm!

  • Kaleena @ Reader Voracious

    Happy one month blogiversary, Jo! It’s been fun getting to know you and I look forward to continuing to do so. 🙂

    My advice is to definitely be careful not to burn yourself out with spreading yourself across so many social media platforms. I am a social media communicator for work and it is definitely best to focus on the ones you enjoy the most as it shows. Don’t worry about your reading mojo, we all get slumps and I am sure that you will find it again soon.

    • Jo @ Books’n’Bits

      Aww thank you lovely! I’m enjoying getting to know you too! x
      Yeah, I think I’m binning Facebook, prefer twitter and it’s better for interaction and nattering. Love Insta but need to go through what I’m following as my feed is completely unmanageable right now 🙄 x

  • Helen's Journey

    So glad you found our supportive (and fun) blogging community on twitter. my fav hashtag #bloggerssupportingbloggers 😉

    My blog has totally took a divert from sharing my natural products and green living lifestyle at the moment & its more emotional posts. but hey it can be whatever it needs to be at different times – main thing is you enjoy what you are writing about!

    enjoy the bits as well as the books 😉

  • emmar

    My blog is even newer than yours (2 weeks and a few days!) and I’m really enjoying it! Mine is also book reviews and also blogging about things relevant to me and my life. Everyone has been welcoming and helpful and I had a major boost this week with an actual paid post!! Really didn’t expect it! I love Twitter and I love following other blogs, it’s really helping me think outside the box on my own blog and what I could do! Just loving it (no wobbles yet…..although they’re sure to come!!!)

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