April 16, 2021

#Zero – Neil McCormick


Zero is the latest craze. Young, sexy and brilliant, he is a multi-hyphenated (singer-songwriter- rapper-producer) superstar for the digital generation. According to his publicist at least. He’s also a narcissistic, insecure, hyperactive, coke-snorting, pill-popping, loud-mouthed maelstrom of contradictions skating over the thin ice of terminal self-loathing.

He has touched down in New York with his sycophantic entourage for the launch of a new single/album/movie/tour. It is countdown to Year Zero. But the boy at the centre of the media feeding frenzy is cracking up. Inside the echo chamber of his own skull, he isn’t sure he deserves all the attention, doesn’t even know if he wants it anymore and is being driven half- mad by the mysterious absence of the love of his life.

As the crucial hour approaches the young star cuts and runs, setting off on a wild trip across America pursued by paparazzi, fans, fortune hunters and his Mephistophelian manager, Beasley. He’s about to find out that when you have the most famous face in the world, you can run… but you can’t hide.


Thanks to Unbound and Anne Cater for having me on the Blog Tour for #Zero by Neil McCormick.

#Zero is the BIGGEST pop-star of the moment but he’s had enough. He escapes and sets off on a cross-country jolly to ‘find himself’. With the backdrop of an orphan crisis and a charity single in the works the story has echoes of Live Aid and/or any and every other charity record there’s ever been.

Imagine Justin Bieber* cut loose, escaped from his security team, abandoned a world tour, walked out on a charity single, stole his own limousine and went for a party, on his own, in the roughest part of New York City. Imagine Justin Bieber’s mother passed away when he was a child leaving him with the mental scars. Imagine again, if you will, that Justin Bieber was dating Pamela Anderson*. Pammy is filming a movie in deepest darkest Brazil and, according to long lens paparazzi photos, is getting rather ‘close’ to her co-star.

Imagine the media feeding frenzy.

That’s #Zero in a nutshell and it’s absolutely fan-fucking-tastic! It’s everything you’ve ever thought being a pop-star would be – sex, drugs, yes-men, groupies, not being *quite* sure what country you’re in – brought to life by an author who quite clearly has half a clue what he’s writing about.

With cameos from Saint Bono and various other well known stars, #Zero is laugh out loud funny.

Highly recommended. LOVED IT!

#Zero is published TOMORROW (Thursday 18th April).

* Neither Pammy nor Justin feature in this novel.

** I was provided with a copy of this book free of charge in return for my honest and unbiased review. So there.

About the Author

Neil McCormick is the Daily Telegraph’s chief pop and rock music critic. He is an author, radio pundit and television presenter, with his own music weekly interview show, Neil McCormick’s Needle Time, broadcast on Vintage TV. His memoir, Killing Bono (originally published as I Was Bono’s Doppelganger) was turned into a feature film in 2011. He lives in London.

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