February 28, 2021

My Name is Anna – Lizzy Barber

Welcome to the first day of the Arrow Publishing Blog Tour for Lizzy Barber’s debut novel ‘My Name is Anna’!

I was lucky enough to receive an advance copy of this novel back in October and am delighted to be part of this tour!

You can read my full review here, but here’s some edited highlights!

Set between the US and the UK, the story follows Anna and Rosie – sisters who have been separated for the past 15 years after Anna was abducted. Realising that things aren’t as they seem, Anna begins to wonder who she really is and why her mother is so intent on her avoiding the local amusement park ‘Astroland’. Meanwhile, Rosie the younger sister has taken matters into her own hands in the UK. The funds used to search for her sister are dwindling and, intent on solving the mystery once and for all, Rosie takes to the internet to find answers to the mystery of Anna’s disappearance…

The book is out on the 10th January or you can buy the kindle version which is out now!

You can follow the Blog Tour all week on the fabulous blogs below!

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