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Between the Lies – Michelle Adams

Now, I’m sure this one has had its publication date changed. Or I wrote it down wrong. One or the other. ANYWAY.

Here we have Between the Lies by Michelle Adams. Published by St Martins Press on 5th March 2019. I received an uncorrected digital edition from Netgalley in return for an unbiased review.

Chloe has been in a car crash. Discovered still strapped in the drivers seat, upside down, covered in blood and close to death. After a lengthy stay in hospital the 32 year old is taken to stay with her parents and her younger sister to recover. She remembers nothing of the accident or of her life before.


As time goes on, and Chloe recovers more and more, she has flashbacks but she doesn’t know if they are dreams or part of the life she used to have. Questions to her parents go unanswered, she isn’t allowed to go back to visit her old home (if she could remember where it is), she isn’t allowed to speak to the police about the accident, none of her old friends visit her… Did she even have any? Chloe is completely alone with a family she is becoming increasingly sure are lying to her about everything.


This is a psychological thriller with more twists than a highly twisty thing. The first is early on and then they come thick and fast right until the final chapter.

Michelle Adams has crafted a thriller that definitely requires you to read between the li(n)es

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