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April Round Up

Not sure if I’ve ever done a monthly round up before… To Be Read, yes… Actually Read, not so much.

SO, here we are – April 2019 felt like the month that would never end.  I was certain I’d only read about 2 books but Goodreads says 5!  And it’s right, April just felt like a very, very long month for some reason.

I’ll do them in order:

The Fourth Man – Lee Child

This is only a quick 15 minute read.  Just a wee Jack Reacher short story to tide us over until the next book.  To surmise, Reacher meets FBI agent in New York, flies to Sydney, kills the baddies, catches next flight back to US.  The End.

#Zero – Neil McCormick

Read as part of the #Zero Blog Tour.  I loved this book, read my full review here.

His Bloody Project – Graeme Macrae Burnet

I listened to the audiobook version of this based on a recommendation from someone at work.  His Bloody Project comprises of the documents relating to the trial of Roderick Macrae who has been accused of murder.  The documents in question are his prison memoir, witness statements, post mortems, court reports and a psychologists report.  I’ll have a review up shortly for this one. It’s a corker.

The Travelling Companion – Ian Rankin

This one was a bonus library find!  I didn’t even know it existed but, there it was, pride of place on display in my local library.  This is another short read, I managed to put it away in an evening.  The Travelling Companion is a very strange little story though – a Rebus it is not.  Based in Paris it’s the story of Ronald, a recent graduate who is working at a bookstore before starting his thesis on Robert Louis Stevenson.  Ronald makes friends with an eccentric old book collector, discovers alcohol, is introduced to weed and embarks on a downward spiral into oblivion; oblivion which turns him from Jekyll into Hyde.

In a Cottage in a Wood – Cass Green

This is what happens when I venture into my library… I cannot come out with nothing.  In a Cottage in a Wood came out in 2017 and I’ve always had my eye on it.  Cass Green doesn’t disappoint, this is as creepy as a very creepy thing.  After a night out Neve meets a young woman acting strangely on Westminster Bridge.  The troubled young woman then throws herself off the bridge but not before giving Neve an envelope.  In the envelope are the deeds to an old cottage in Cornwall (which due to some death-bed legal loophole, now belongs to Neve).  Recently dumped, out of work and essentially homeless, Neve decides to go and stay in the cottage for a while.  The first question she asks herself is why are there 3 locks on the door and bars on the windows… You can read my review of Cass Green’ previous release The Woman Next Door here.

What do you think? Have you read any of these?

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  • Jules_Writes

    April wasn’t the best reading month for me either but 5 books is good. I look forward to your review of His bloddy project, I’ve fancied reading it for a while now.

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