April 16, 2021

A Ruined Girl – Kate Simants

Two boys loved her. But which one buried her?

Two years ago, teenagers Rob and Paige broke into the house of Paige’s school counsellor and stole only a necklace, but traumatised their victims in the process. No one knows why. And Paige hasn’t been seen since that night. Having spent her life in children’s homes and the foster system, no one cared enough to look for her.

Now Rob is out of prison, and probation officer Wren Reynolds has been tasked with his rehabilitation. But Wren has her own reasons for taking on Rob as a client. Convinced that Rob knows what happened to Paige, and hiding a lifetime of secrets from her heavily pregnant wife, Wren’s obsession with finding a missing girl may tear her family apart…

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Published 27th August by Serpent’s Tail A Ruined Girl is the story of Paige, a young girl locked in the care system. As noted in the blurb, Paige went missing following a robbery she and her friend Rob carried out.

No spoilers here but the story does open with a body being buried in the woods…

A Ruined Girl is one of those books that is almost impossible to review without giving too much away. But, trust me – it’s very, very good.

Although the story is about Paige it does focus on Wren Reynolds, the probation officer charged with easing Rob back into society. Following Wren and Rob as they go round each and every person who was affected by the robbery and the disappearance of Paige, you get a real feel for the consequences of the crime.

Meeting Luke (Rob’s Brother), Leah (Paige’s best friend), the children’s home owners and the school teachers and counsellors we are drawn into the story and begin to actually care what happened to Paige. The book also has a healthy dose of domestic drama between Wren and her pregnant partner as the case begins to take its toll on their relationship.

A Ruined Girl is a psychological thriller that’s well worth your time.

I received a copy of this book from NetGalley. My thanks go to the publisher for allowing me a complimentary copy for review. This review forms my honest and unbiased opinion.

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