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A Finn on the Loose

Meet Laura, this weeks Featured Blogger! Based in Seoul Laura runs her blog – A Finn on the Loose – charting her travelling adventures as well as posts about food and fashion. Go give her a wave and a follow!

Who are you?

I’m Laura, a 20-something young woman living the expat life for the past 7 years.

What’s your blog address?


What’s the name of your blog?

A Finn On The Loose!

When did you start?

I posted my first blog post on May 28th, 2018.

WHY did you start?

I’ve wanted to blog for a long time, but it wasn’t until now that I found a way to write a blog in a way that I found sustainable for myself to maintain. I’m a writer first and foremost, and needed an outlet to share my daily life as an expat, my love for fashion, and my passion for travel, and thus this blog came to be.

What sort of posts do you feature?

First and foremost, I write articles of the different aspects of the trips I’ve gone on. However, I also write restaurant and cafe recommendations for Seoul, as well as fashion posts related to my own personal style.

Ever made yourself a blanket fort?

Not in nearly 20 years, I’m afraid 🙁

What 3 essentials would you have in your Blanket Fort?

Wine, pizza, and a collection of my favorite books.

Blogging can be a very personal thing… have you told your friends and family that you have a blog?

Everyone knows I have a blog! Most of them aren’t interested in reading it, though, I’ve found… But it is what it is, my audience doesn’t have to be the people that already know me personally.

What are your passions, what makes you happy? 

Travelling and fashion (aka shopping)!

Describe your happy place for us. 

My happy place is the ocean. Specifically being in it. I don’t know how to explain it exactly, but it’s where I feel the most peaceful and my thoughts are the clearest.

Last one – If you were a sweetie… what would you be?

A piece of chocolate with rum filling.

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